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  • Eyelash Extensions can be as natural or as dramatic as you want them to be (based upon your natural eyelashes).
  • Eyelash Extensions can be worn INDEFINITELY with proper application that focuses on the integrity and health of your natural lash. 
  • I guarantee all of my work and promise to keep your natural lashes IN BETTER HEALTH than when you wore mascara everyday. YES, I GUARANTEE THIS.
  • I am a Master Lash Technician with TWELVE years of experience and the longest-standing eyelash technician in the area  
  • Most of my clients go 4, 5, & 6 weeks between fills- we work with your natural growth cycle for longest retention.
  • I can complete 95% coverage in 1.5- 2 hours so you no longer have to lay still for 3+ hours. 
 The best lash technicians are akin to the best plastic surgeons and tattoo artist for good reason. Choose your technician wisely!
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