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Licensed Esthetician
Master Level Eyelash Technician & Trainer;

12 Years of Experience

*The area's original lash tech before it was a thing

Specialty:  Low Maintenance Eyelash Extensions & Retention Specialist (highest retention possible for yur lashes with proper at-home care which is SUPER easy, the old-school ways of lashing are still relevant).

My lash journey began at the end of 2010. I trained with one of the top lash technicians in the country (at that time) and had the absolute honor and privilege of working next to her for a year (after practicing for 8 months on my own). 


My focus is on applying lash extensions in a way that is HEALTHY for the natural lash.  This means that your natural lashes are free to grow to their maximum length and live out their full lifespan (usually 60-90 days). Due to this you will be able to wear extensions indefinitely (that means forever if you wish).


 It took YEARS to perfect my craft, to understand why it is so important to apply the absolute PERFECT extension to each individual eyelash depending upon the type of natural lash diameter and length to ensure the health and integrity of the natural lash, and the retention of the extension itself.  In addition how to work with different eye shapes, curves between the bridge of the nose, how much skin is on the eyelid, and so on and so forth.  Not to mention the very finicky adhesive that changes consistency and dry time depending upon the weather (literally). 

I share this with you so you can understand why it is important to pick a lash tech with a lot of experience.   Also lash techs with the most experience are more costly for a reason, however I have also witnessed lash techs that charge top dollar to damage lashes too (often with good reviews on Google since a person only knows what they have experienced).

I had a client share with me that she never would have known that there was such a difference between lash technicians had she not had a set applied by a very skilled technician. She said "Once you have someone good do them, you can never go back to mediocre." If you are lucky enough to find a skilled lash tech and get on their schedule (we can only accept a certain number of clients for obvious limitations) be sure to appreciate your lash tech.  They are like a needle in a haystack. 70% of lash techs ARE RUINING PEOPLE'S LASHES (I know because I see it under my magnifying glasses). If I cannot get you in, I am happy to refer you to a lash tech that I personally mentored and that I know will do a great job. Just ask me for a referral.

I took a two year break from lashing  after burnout due to the physical stress it put on my body, but ultimately came back to it with a fresh perspective and new motivation to master volume lashes. While I will never do Russian Volumes as I feel they are too risky due to the stress they put on the natural lash, I have adapted to my own style a method that gives beautiful results every time and is customized per person.

There are reasons I use ONLY Volume lashes :

-The material used is lighter and softer than traditional individual extensions (the diameter is .03-.07 versus .20). Plus a natural classic look can be duplicated with volumes.

-Volumes put less stress on the natural lash due to weight and thus have better retention.  Overall, the method that I use with volumes is healthier for you.

I have my adhesive imported from Europe: I use a medical grade adhesive that is used in surgical procedures and passes EU guidelines (which is much higher than US  which allows cheap toxic adhesive from China to be used near our delicate eyes).

I AM GRATEFUL to have the opportunity to work on every single client that comes through my door and offer my very best every time.   Thanks for reading if you made it this far and please reach out with any questions!


Tiffany akaThe Lash Lady 

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